About me


Forever wandering and always curious.  I’m Emily Laborde and I got bitten by the bug at age 10 on a trip to Washington D.C.  I haven’t slowed down since!  I grew up in the South, part of a huge, LOUD, Southern family, so naturally, I love taking the back roads and good Southern food (all types of food really).

My background is art history and recently earned my master’s in historic preservation at the University of Georgia.  My education and upbringing (daughter of a designer and restauranteur) has nurtured my creativity and inquisitive nature.  I am a preservationist, documentarian, lover of fashion, art, music, architecture…all the good stuff.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you so much for the compliment. We hope you will stop in soon to eat with us again at Cherry’s BBQ in Danielsville GA.

    Richard and Doris Cherry:)

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